Saturday, March 13, 2010

I see purple people.

8x10, acrylic.
Finally finished this assignment for general illustration. The right side was cut off a bit by the scanner though...
We had to take a boring article which someone wrote about teenagers. "Oh no! 13 and 14 year olds are doing drugs, alcohol, having sex and smoking cigarettes! Oh those poor corrupted souls...this is what we should do to keep our children healthy and pure..." etc. etc. You know the deal.
So us, illustrators, make an interesting image about the teenage brain so people could look at it and think "Hey! That's a cool picture, now I just gotta read this article!"

Well, anyhow I'm glad this is done. My next assignment is to make an illustration based on a story about a guy who wakes up one morning to find out he turned into a human-sized cockroach.
Also I seem to have a new approach to this semester. I'm actually putting a lot of effort and care into my work. Compared to the last few semesters I feel like the majority of my work has been half-assed and quickly done.

Of course now that all I'm really doing is working, I don't feel like a rebellious teenage college student anymore, but more so like a middle-aged woman doing her job. Oh dear, I feel so old.

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