Monday, September 28, 2009



Soon this will be a computer-generated illustration on adobe illustrator. Blahrg.

A funky sketch of one of my professors, and a bobble head of Megan. I plan on turning every person I know into a bobble head. That'll be an interesting post.

I don't really know what I was doing here, I felt like drawing with my white-out while I had it on me in Starbucks.

Homeless guy and a pair of legs in Starbucks.

Did this sometime in July. Lines lines lines.

I want sleep. No sleep anytime soon though. Projects. Too many. Projects.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer Journal

Hey there.

So here I have a miniature journal I kept from the beginning of June till mid-August. The majority of these drawings were drawn either under the influence of alcohol, or simply from just being loop-headed from countless cups of coffee and no sleep.

The park couple were kids that I always saw whenever I went to the park. I witnessed them being happy one day, then breaking up and fighting the other, and making up the next day. Mmm, typical high school romance!

some sketches of a friend...

some sketches of trees...
The last one is the view of my backyard. Minus the naked woman.

The little post-it note is something a friend drew for me. I just love the boobs.
The second is a merged-sort of sketch I did of my friend's faces.

in a box.

Some fun stamp stuff...I got carried away.

after party

after morning

Would you?

Recently I've been feeling rather delirious. Being sick on and off, and missing way too many classes doesn't help. I think I need some sort of toxin cleanse and a nice slap in the face to knock some sensibility in me.

Stay tuned for NEXT TIME (if there ever will be one...hopefully soon).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carrot Flowers

Hello! This is the cover of my new sketchbook that I had abandoned some few months ago. It's weird seeing my drawings from the first semester of a fashion illustration class, and my drawings now.

Anyhoo...I'm loving my comic class so far. I made final character designs, so here's how they turned out (most of the feet were cut off because my scanner is tiny).

Joey is an innocent little 8 year old who likes to wear different socks. He also loves carrots and wants his skin to turn orange because he thinks it'll be cool. He has an older brother named Peter.

This is Roxanne, people call her Rox. She's 19 years old and she's dating Joey's older brother who's 16. She likes them young I guess. She also hates wearing bras and has somewhat saggy boobs. But she's cool with that. She loves walking around without a shirt.

Here's Peter, the 16 year old guy dating a much older and mature woman, and Joey's older brother. He's kind of a boring character.

And lastly, Beth. 48-something year old widowed mother of Joey and Peter who likes to drink beer and has unusually small feet. She's a typical depressed, non-responsible mum who mops around in her own self-pity. Enough said.

So the's loosely based on a song I discovered not too long ago called "The King of Carrot Flowers" (part 1) by Neutral Milk Hotel. Honestly, I was at a complete loss at what the hell I should do for a 4-paged story. My ideas were too long and complex, and for some reason this song struck me as something I could do in a very simple slice-of-life storyline in a few pages. No, it's not going to be the most original unique story ever made, but it's more of like a learning process to help me produce comics better.

Here are some early sketches of Roxanne and Peter while I was deciding what I liked and didn't like. Originally Joey was just going to be Peter when he was 8 years old, and then whatever-years later, he'd be this. But I scratched that out and just made the little guy his own character.

So here's more early-sketches of little Joey being a little mischief. Running around in his imaginary royal cape and crown just being silly. I was originally going to have a father in this story, but scratched that idea out too...
There's also some non-related stuff there...a badly drawn ferris wheel, a paper cat, a random girl, and some cut off legs.

Not-as-early sketch of Roxanne with no shirt. I was trying to get good with my brush pen again because I haven't used it in...forever. Also, just an excuse to draw some more boobs. Mmhm.

I looked up some references of abandoned houses and sketched some things out. They're somewhat poor and live in the middle of some farmland.

Carrot flower studies, and some more sketches.

Until next time...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

it's old.

But it's something.

I did this around 2007. Ink and brush/pen.
About a woman so sick she starts seeing stars. I planned on making it longer, but it started to drag (aka: I got lazy). So it kind of ended there.

Yes I am bound to post something recent...
I just don't have the decency to scan anything. I'm lame.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

busy. small post

Taylor and Louisa as zombies...

These were taken with my cell phone camera.

That's why it's so shitty looking.
But blah.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm sorry.

College at FIT has started once again. I can't really say what ridiculous things that the people who go there go through. I've been through plenty.

asian chick!

I'm also taking a comic class. We had to make character designs.

Also some doodles. Nothing new about that. Except for some mis-shaped boobs.

And the most retarded comic on earth ever produced. I'm pretty good at this.

I'm sorry.