Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My weekend

Consisted of going to China Town on Valentines day/Chinese New Year and playing photographer, and doing two more small paintings that I've yet to deliver to some friends.


China town was crazy crowed (as it usually is) but it was much more terrible with it being Chinese new year and all. Imagine opening up a pack of sardines. Then imagine you being in those pack of sardines. Then imagine if you were stuck in those pack of sardines, except everyone in china town is a sardine and you have no way out because there are just too many of those terribly smelling fish in your way, and it's much too crowed to even move an inch.

That, my friends, is China town.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

For a coloring book...

...that some fellow Illustration majors are putting together. A bunch of us got to make two 'pages' of pure black and white drawings. I haven't the slightest idea when the book will be out, but I hope it'll ready in the near future.

So here here:

The Rotton Doll...perspective isn't my forte, but I try. I have back-stories for all my strange little creatures. Maybe one day, I'll write about it. One day in the very far future when I have more time on my hands.

The Chaotic Chase! What are they running away from? I'm not exactly sure.
This is actually a re-drawing of something I did way back in 2007 (oh how the years fly by!)

The old version.

Some of my older stuff is pretty interesting. I'll have to post up some of these ancient treasures sometime.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More paint.

Yes, more paintings. I did these over winter break on a whim of watching cartoons and drinking bottom-less cups of coffee through out the night.

They're all late-holiday gifts for my friends. I still have more things I want to paint for people. But for the meantime...enjoy.

This was inspired by Minza Lens. She does cartoony-style retro cute drawings, so check her out if you're into that kind of stuff.

Very retro-like and flat colors. Simple, but that's how I see this friend. She really does own heart-shaped sunglasses, and looks hot on her.
(that silver thing on her nostril is a nose ring...it might be hard to read.)

This is probably my favorite painting. Though I'm not going to lie, I was kind of lazy with the stripes.

And well...I'm not too fond of this painting. This would be an example of my terrible concept of color, and not knowing which color goes better with the other. But my friend liked it, so that's all that matters.

Wishing everyone the best. Be well.