Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"Excuse me, ma'am? What the hell's wrong with your eyes?"

Little thing I finished just now. Some kind of weird eyes she has...

a photoshop post.

My blog has been...very black and white. With the exception of very few colors.

Here is my most colorful post yet! The majority of these things were done when I was in my photoshop class last semester. Sad to say, I hardly learned anything new, but overall it was an easy class to pass.

The lineless drawings are probably the ones I spent the most time on (except for the first one, very very very simple drawing). Lots and lots of layers.

Prostitute love!
The only thing I dislike about this one is the fact that we were supposed to "trace" over the picture of the model we had in class.
I don't think she was wearing two different gloves though...

Weird demon-shadow-monster-dog-thing. A very simple sketch, and pentab scribbles.

Another simple sketch. Simple coloring...simple background. Main word: simple

Now, time for an extremly sad BONUS of some really old photoshop things that I did while I was experimenting a few years ago.

I did this around 2007. I tried to enter it in a competition.

Back in 2006. Oh, the years fly by.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nothing New

Same old, same old...

Dorky friends! left to right: Yana, Irina, and Rebecca.
(edit many many many months later: I just realized Yana's hands are backwards. Oy.)

More sketches. Blahblahblah. Nothing to say.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

kaw-micks (comics)

SECRETS! No, not really. I felt like sketching this kind of expression.
Also, they have really demented boobs.

Based on a true story. I cannot wait to return to New York for more upcoming adventures with awesome people and strangers of the such.

And another comic. Not based on a true story, but an idea? I guess so.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

some more crap

Have some doodles, foodles, and the such.

Little kids, 1950s inspired!

Teenagers I suppose. 1960s?

Random sketches!

The bottom two girls are people I actually know in person. The lovely Yana, and Julie! The others are just sketches of random people's faces that I've seen around and about. Or sometimes, my hand-in-pencil likes to dement them to such a state to which they won't even be considered human anymore...

Also, I was fooling around with corel painter sketch pad, which I have never used before...behold the horror.

I'm really quite terrible with inking straight onto the computer. My hand is so shaky with the pentab.
But I'm absolutely in love with the watercolor effect. Corel painter actually has a watercolor brush that well...actually paints and acts like a watercolor brush. It still has me in awe, but I still love my traditional, messy, expensive, old watercolors that come straight out of the tube. Not to mention the expenses with the brushes, and other tools...but anyhow it's worth it.


Mosquitoes have been biting me a lot lately. The itching drives me to complete insanity, I'd rather chew them off.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Meaning of "Rinky-Dink"


Main Entry: cheap

Part of Speech: adjective

Definition: inferior, low in quality

Synonyms: bad, base, bogus, catchpenny, cheesy, common, crappy, cruddy, dud, flashy, garbage, garish, glitzy, junky, lousy, mangy, mean, mediocre, meretricious, no bargain, no good, ordinary, paltry, poor, ratty, raunchy, rot ton, rubbishy, scroungy, sleazy, small-time, terrible, trashy, valueless, white elephant, worthless

excellent, noble, precious, priceless, superior, valuable, worthy

What it means to me:

"GOLLY, why hell, it's just a damned funny word, yup!"

I know. I'm retarded. But there you go. Take it as you will...lots of doodles and foodles, and other things of mystery to come about.