Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Metamorphosis

11''x17'' Illustration based on the novella written by Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis. Read more about it here.

While this painting had literary been eating me away making me stay up one too many nights without a minute's sleep, drink bottom-less cups of coffee, and keep me sipping on five-hour energy I'm pretty much happy with this piece. Well, actually the hands aren't completed yet but I will be working on them of now, I have one painting I need to complete, and another one I need to get started on! Work work work!
Everything is acrylic, except for the notes which were drawn with ink. This actually started out as a gouache piece but I was getting frustrated with that virtuous medium! So I went ahead and painted in acrylic right over the gouache...I really did spend a lot of time on this painting as simple as it looks.
Also, I might be changing the cockroach's legs to be two pairs of human legs, and a pair of human arms. Input please? I'd like some advice plus some ripping critiques please!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's been a while...

Sorry folks. But here is something I completed some few weeks ago-

My Twilight Zone painting! Starring Rod Serling getting sucked into a doll-mannequin-thing by a black and white spirally-thing.
It's a pop-out, so here are some different views and of course a little close up of details and all that jazz.

In the meantime, I am almost done completing a different painting, and I have a lot of work on to do on an ink-life drawing that I haven't even started yet. Oh yes, and I have more thumbnails to do. And Indesign. And some english work. All due this week! Guess who's not getting any sleep this week?
Nah I never sleep. At night I mean. But I always get my work done in the most decent-way possible in the little time I'm given. I love my work-alcoholic life as of now.

Also, more news:
This Thursday April 22nd from 6-9 PM, there will be an illustration exhibition showing at the Illustration House located on 110 West 25th street. Please come if you can; it's a student gallery showing the majority of my fellow illustration-classmates work, as well as mine. Your eyes will bleed and pop our of your head from the amazing and talented young people of our generation that has yet to be discovered! So come. It's free, and it's candy to your eyes and food for your brain. Nothing to lose, only to gain.

The gallery will be up from the 20th to the 30th, but you'll be able to meet all the students who produced the artwork if you come Thursday. So I'll say it again; GO TO THE EXHIBITION! Here I will once again link the website for this marvelous event:

I put it in bold so you can see it better. You know. Just in case.

P.S. I turn 20 tomorrow.