Wednesday, August 19, 2009

some more crap

Have some doodles, foodles, and the such.

Little kids, 1950s inspired!

Teenagers I suppose. 1960s?

Random sketches!

The bottom two girls are people I actually know in person. The lovely Yana, and Julie! The others are just sketches of random people's faces that I've seen around and about. Or sometimes, my hand-in-pencil likes to dement them to such a state to which they won't even be considered human anymore...

Also, I was fooling around with corel painter sketch pad, which I have never used before...behold the horror.

I'm really quite terrible with inking straight onto the computer. My hand is so shaky with the pentab.
But I'm absolutely in love with the watercolor effect. Corel painter actually has a watercolor brush that well...actually paints and acts like a watercolor brush. It still has me in awe, but I still love my traditional, messy, expensive, old watercolors that come straight out of the tube. Not to mention the expenses with the brushes, and other tools...but anyhow it's worth it.


Mosquitoes have been biting me a lot lately. The itching drives me to complete insanity, I'd rather chew them off.

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