Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a photoshop post.

My blog has been...very black and white. With the exception of very few colors.

Here is my most colorful post yet! The majority of these things were done when I was in my photoshop class last semester. Sad to say, I hardly learned anything new, but overall it was an easy class to pass.

The lineless drawings are probably the ones I spent the most time on (except for the first one, very very very simple drawing). Lots and lots of layers.

Prostitute love!
The only thing I dislike about this one is the fact that we were supposed to "trace" over the picture of the model we had in class.
I don't think she was wearing two different gloves though...

Weird demon-shadow-monster-dog-thing. A very simple sketch, and pentab scribbles.

Another simple sketch. Simple coloring...simple background. Main word: simple

Now, time for an extremly sad BONUS of some really old photoshop things that I did while I was experimenting a few years ago.

I did this around 2007. I tried to enter it in a competition.

Back in 2006. Oh, the years fly by.

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