Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer Journal

Hey there.

So here I have a miniature journal I kept from the beginning of June till mid-August. The majority of these drawings were drawn either under the influence of alcohol, or simply from just being loop-headed from countless cups of coffee and no sleep.

The park couple were kids that I always saw whenever I went to the park. I witnessed them being happy one day, then breaking up and fighting the other, and making up the next day. Mmm, typical high school romance!

some sketches of a friend...

some sketches of trees...
The last one is the view of my backyard. Minus the naked woman.

The little post-it note is something a friend drew for me. I just love the boobs.
The second is a merged-sort of sketch I did of my friend's faces.

in a box.

Some fun stamp stuff...I got carried away.

after party

after morning

Would you?

Recently I've been feeling rather delirious. Being sick on and off, and missing way too many classes doesn't help. I think I need some sort of toxin cleanse and a nice slap in the face to knock some sensibility in me.

Stay tuned for NEXT TIME (if there ever will be one...hopefully soon).

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