Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Are the 99%!

Completed for my mentor project last semester. My mentor, Kat Hudson (http://katillustrations.com/) gave me an assignment where I had to illustrate an event flyer. I chose to do Occupy Wall Street, as it's something I'm in full support of and strongly believe in.

The individual people represent the 99%, and the demon spewing money represents the 1%. This was made as a collage using watercolor, and numerous hours of cutting out each individual person.
I had to edit some things in photoshop. For example, a strand of my hair got stuck under all that glue which was impossible to take out. But other than photoshopping my hair out and some color-fixing, it's all done traditionally.

P.S. It's 2012 now! How 'bout that? I hope everyone has been having their own fun shenanigans, and chaotic silly adventures in the first beginning days of the new year!

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