Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Some sketches of classmates.

Left to right: Oliver, Ashely and Phoenix. I don't know what the blonde girl's name was...I can be really blunt sometimes (most of the time actually).

Kristen, Samantha, Joyce, and Amanda.

So yesterday we were watching "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938 version) in my comic class for composition and story telling. Nonetheless, the acting was so terrible that it was hysterical. Thus, behold...
Robin hood is badly proportioned but...look at those legs. They look like sausages.
That pretty girl is one of my classmates...I don't know her name. She was too cute for me to resist drawing.
My favorite character was the king with the pointy chin-beard. He had such beautiful hair too...haha.

I turned Alex into a puppet. He has a thing for giraffes.
Later folks!

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  1. lovin your work as the days go by!
    and thanks for drawing me :)

    && I think the other girl in the first drawing's name is Jackie? not sure though..